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First and foremost, real food is our passion. Fresh produce, homemade dressings, naturally raised meats, everything that makes food taste good. We share this passion with the local providers we work with reaching within the neighborhood to nearby bakeries and butchers.  Really, the food speaks for itself. Ask us to try it!

Check out the Seattle menu and the Portland menu.

Are you interested in serving Molly's in your Seattle store?  Give us a shout at 206.512.3075.  Are you interested in serving Molly's in your Portland store?  Give us a shout at 503.914.5335.   Also, you can always just email to



We’ll do all the work, simple as that.  Molly's is on the road six days a week.  We come to your shop, we stock your shelves, and we bill you once a week.  We automatically assess what sells and what doesn't and we adjust your delivery every week.  And, at the end of the day, we’ll buy back anything that didn’t sell and share it with homeless shelters here in town.

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