Macrina Bakery


Molly’s philosophy on food is simple. Find and use the very best ingredients to create the finest salads, sandwiches and wraps available. Our healthy offerings focus on sourcing breads, vegetables, meats and cheeses from local farms, bakeries and other producers. One such partner of ours is Macrina Bakery. For those of you who love our sandwiches like the Blackened Tofu or the Molly’s Hero, you know firsthand we use bread from the best bakery in Seattle.

Similar to Molly’s, Macrina Bakery is committed to its craft and takes time to develop and create recipes that offer a unique lineup of breads that use different grains and fermentation processes. “We use locally sourced high quality ingredients whenever possible in our products,” said Rebecca Early, Macrina’s Wholesales Sales Manager. 

When Molly’s is able to partner with food producers, like Macrina, we not only feature bread that is baked fresh daily, but are also highlighting the other incredible and fresh ingredients in our sandwiches. 

“We’re so proud to serve our products at places like Molly’s that have a similar commitment to quality as we do,” said Early. “Macrina makes quite a few different doughs – the options are plentiful for sandwich varieties!”

Delicious products can only come from great ingredients -- from the local farmer to the neighborhood bakery -- we are committed to serving you the very best.